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請撥冗至下列新家拜訪 I have Moved! The new site can be reached at:

I started social networking for getting internet connection, in the USA, somewhere 15 years back.

I came up with the idea of naming myself (an unforeseen term of) "Hotel Trotter". This ID name perfectly fits right into my career arc of combining lifestyle with world travel.

And then, began my personal blogging in recent years about world experience under my belt.

我大概15年以前在美國 開始透過戶聯網路與社群網絡連結

因此 我自創了 “旅店浪人” 這個 (中英文皆) 前所未見的名詞 這個網路 ID 名字完全適合地切入 我與世界旅行並結合生活方式的事業軸線

然後 近年來我開始了關於個人親身體驗世界經驗的部落格

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I am moving to new sites. It will be no longer updated here.

for my personal world travel,

另有世界旅遊 Hotel Trotter 旅店浪人 主站


for professional photography,

以及專業攝影 Don Schumann Photography 攝影工作誌 站點


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