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I am moving to new sites. It will be no longer updated here.

for my personal world travel,

另有世界旅遊 Hotel Trotter 旅店浪人 主站


for professional photography,

以及專業攝影 Don Schumann Photography 攝影工作誌 站點


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Britney Spears & Ellen Go Caroling!!

Holidays supposed to be fun.

And full of surprise!

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11/28/2008, 21:43, Taiwan Time



Who Else! 還有誰 趕快自首吧!

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About Hotel Trotter - Me, Don (10/25/2008 Updated)

The travel accommodations is an important matter, as it concerns me. It has been 20 years now, because of assignment works. Also, not only taking off for business frequently, in addition to individual traveling. I am flying one to three, or four destinations, worldwide, monthly. Anyway, I am always on the road. So, I am luckily getting to stay so many accommodations every year. Tens to hundred lodgings a year. I am roaming from home-stays to motels, then to boutique hotels. I am trotting from inns to 5-star resorts, then to 7-star hotels. You just name it!

*Previous Homebases
Central Japan, Los Angeles in USA, London of UK

*Current Homebase

Abu Dhabi of U.A.E., Arizona of US, Belgium, Brunei, California of US, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Dubai of U.A.E., England, France, Germany, Guatemala, Guam, Hawaii, Holland, Hong Kong, Japan, Laos, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macau, Malaysia, Maldives, New Mexico of US, Oman, Palau, Peru, Philippines, Saipan, Scotland, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand,...

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3/16/2005 (Updated)

I am so glad that all of you appreciate my hard work. You are free to to copy, distribute and transmit my work posted on the web sites for noncommercial purposes. However, my work has some rights reserved. Please read through my "Creative Commons License" page beforehand. Thank you.

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©唐 Don Schumann

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