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Don Schumann Interview in Sun Travel.
唐 Don Schumann 接受太陽旅遊新聞網採訪

Above photo by Joy Han.

All photos below by 唐 Don Schumann.

The original interview link below,

跟著唐 Don Schumann 玩‧拍最美長灘島

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3/5/2008 (English Translation Added)

四個多月以來 諸事違厄走不出困境
體力過度消耗 肌肉勞損發炎的現象
柴火入水一般 嘶嘶作響無力的哀鳴

For over 4 months, I got caught in a most difficult position and nothing was going my way.
The physical strength had been overworked causing inflammation pain from muscle strain.
Just like the charcoal is thrust into the water with a great amount of sizzling.

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