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4/16/2006, 16:30, Laoag.

You like my tattoo? Take a closer look. I just got it from Laoag on 4/16/2006, very first time in my life. Photographed by the entertaining agent Tina. She was the one who made everyone around get this tattoo thing. Including me, the outsider too. No one survived.

喜歡我的刺青嗎? 再看仔細一點 4/16/2006在佬沃弄的 是這輩子第一次的體驗 照片由演藝經紀人 Tina 操刀掌鏡 就是她讓身邊的每個人刺青 連我這個局外人也被拖了下去 無一倖免

All photos by entertaining broker Tina

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Was confined at home three weeks ever since 6/1/2006. The first two weeks, worked at home days and nights catching up a job. Got the rewards followed after working like a raging fire situation, are the headache, light coughs and the swollen gum of upper row. Got bee stung on my right ear just right on my own door step last Friday. Burning pains like hell to the bone. Back in May, (while crazily to fly 14 flights) still was to worry about 3 oversea jobs will be overlapped in late June. Now have to cancel all of them considering my conditions at the moment. By the way, have not checked in to any hotel all June so far. Am I still qualified to name myself the Hotel Trotter?

自從 6/1 後的三個禮拜裡 足不出戶 夜不成眠地在家趕工 前二個禮拜簡直到了如火如荼的地步 伴隨而來的酬勞獎賞是 頭痛 輕咳 上排牙齦浮腫 上周五在屋外被蜜蜂襲擊右耳 疼痛入骨 原先五月份(瘋狂地飛了十四航班)還在為六月下旬尚有三檔全撞在一起的國外工作煩心 現在一口氣全推掉 手上的工作總算告一段落 才休息了兩天 又擔心 六月份至今尚未投宿任何飯店 那還有資格叫旅店浪人嗎..

Hairstyle by Jamie
Photo by Assistant A.
Makeup & Creation by me, Don
Lighting by Assistants S., R. and D.

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Don Schumann 發表在 痞客邦 留言(1) 人氣()