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7/31/2007 Tweet Cuckoo by 唐 Don Schumann

I have been calling and emailing cuckooed around for trying to fill in a big block of free time of 17-day-on-location-trip left that was opened up by a surprise postponement. (ongoing, since 1.5 days ago)

Over the phone I was told: I missed a 7-day-to-Burma assignment for an airlines while I was busy flying to Philippines this May. (3 hours ago)

I have been, 3rd time, rereading "The Bone Collector" by Jeffery Deaver for 5 consecutive nights reaching only to chapter 20. How come I do not remember its bloody violent contents from the previous 2 times reading at all?  (5 days ago)

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kennyp@26/06/2007 19:59:24

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