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The "Dream Vacation Islands" is more than just a book. It reflects my 2 years (numerous coworkers accompanied me to travel in and out, exceed several hundreds based on the head counts!!) of wonderful experience working on many tropical islands of Philippines.

“窩在五星級小島”不僅僅是一本書 它也是我和一大群工作人員 整整兩年來 (前前後後眾人陸續 陪同我奔波逾數百人次!!) 在菲律賓許多熱帶夢幻渡假島群上工作美好的經驗寫照

唐 Don Schumann's Note:
同好們 感謝菲律賓島嶼熱愛者對“窩在五星級小島”的支持 希望有更多人注意到 絕美的 熱情的 菲律賓島嶼 是的 也請大家用力支持海島旅行 煩請移駕到以下連結簽名留言 窩在五星級小島 台灣第二刷

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3/25/2006, Decided to go to Disco the night before out of town work. Had not been for ages. Got to see someone wanted to see. And saw someone did not want to meet as well, there.

There was a Japanese guy at the Disco coming to ask if I am a Japanese? Too weird to answer him. Tell you what, he came and asked the same question 3 times. 3 Times in a raw! And, using Mandarin too.

3/25/2006 在台北 離家上工的前夕決定去 Disco 熱舞 快一百年沒去了 見到想見的人 也見到不想見的

間中發生了一段小插曲 不 三段才對 有個日本人 來到跟前 問我是不是日本人 (真是莫名奇妙)不理他 而且 整晚一共跑來問了三次 而且的而且 三次都是用中文問 “你是不是日本人?”

Hairstyle by Jamie
Photo by Assistant M.
Makeup & Styling by me, Don
Creation & Lighting by me, Don

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"Stinky Stinky Pot"



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Big poster of "Dream Vacation Islands".

“窩在五星級小島” 約兩公尺高的大型宣傳海報

Sponsored by the Philippine Department of Tourism and Island World Tours, Taiwan.

承蒙 菲律賓國家觀光部 以及 台灣 Island World Tours 活動贊助 (宣傳暨展示期間持續一個月)

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Don Schumann 發表在 痞客邦 留言(1) 人氣()

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