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Cebu Pacific 即將開闢台灣航線 已準備就緒
票價廉宜的Cebu Pacific 是很多背包客旅行菲律賓精打細算的選擇
方便台灣旅客前往宿霧 沓箄拉瀾(薄荷島)甚至延伸到許多菲律賓境內航點 佬沃 克拉克 伊囉伊囉 大堡 公主港(巴拉望省 前往愛妮島的門戶)和阿卡蘭省首都(前往長灘島的門戶)等等

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菲律賓航空公司即將開闢(由其子公司Air Philippines操作)馬尼拉—卡提蘭國內航線
一來(Air Philippines)為馬尼拉—卡提蘭機場之間疏解觀光勝地一位難求的機位
二來 下馬尼拉機場後不必再趕往小機場轉搭(Asian Spirit, SEAIR, Interisland)國內線到卡提蘭
第三利多 不用再牽就機位不足而轉(Cebu Pacific, Philippines Air)飛大老遠的卡禮玻機場了

Update News 1/31/2007
Air Philippines 馬尼拉-卡提蘭 預計2007暑假期間開航
目前Air Philippines 和母公司Philippine Airlines 之間的票務尚未整合 也就是說開航之後 台北-馬尼拉-卡提蘭的行程還無法一票到底 或包在Philippine Airlines 套裝旅遊裡頭

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由於絕大多數來訪的 Wretch 訪客都是中文格友 因此 以中文來寫
Wretch 的訪客大人 冤枉啊 不是我不回訪 而是蘋果和無名合不來

(受不了 還是用英文比較暢快)

*Update: totally incompatible. Micrsoft, no doubt! Xuite super slow and not working well.

1. It will take forever to load the first home page. But it will look just fine. Screen shot #1.

2. As soon as I try to scroll down to read the contents. Then, the magical moment begins. Everything falling apart, dislocated, scattered around. Screen shot #2.

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About Hotel Trotter - Me, Don (10/25/2008 Updated)

The travel accommodations is an important matter, as it concerns me. It has been 20 years now, because of assignment works. Also, not only taking off for business frequently, in addition to individual traveling. I am flying one to three, or four destinations, worldwide, monthly. Anyway, I am always on the road. So, I am luckily getting to stay so many accommodations every year. Tens to hundred lodgings a year. I am roaming from home-stays to motels, then to boutique hotels. I am trotting from inns to 5-star resorts, then to 7-star hotels. You just name it!

*Previous Homebases
Central Japan, Los Angeles in USA, London of UK

*Current Homebase

Abu Dhabi of U.A.E., Arizona of US, Belgium, Brunei, California of US, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Dubai of U.A.E., England, France, Germany, Guatemala, Guam, Hawaii, Holland, Hong Kong, Japan, Laos, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macau, Malaysia, Maldives, New Mexico of US, Oman, Palau, Peru, Philippines, Saipan, Scotland, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand,...

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